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Do you have a lot of extensions and apps installed in Chrome? How about years of bookmarks Licorize - The Easiest Way to Organize Your Gigantic Bookmark Collection Licorize - The Easiest Way to Organize Your Gigantic Bookmark Collection Read More imported from past browsers that are in dire need of sorting out? Well Nexos is an app designed with you in mind, and claims it provides an easy offline method of organising everything from the one app.

organising bookmarks chrome

The app also connects with a number of services including Facebook, Google+, Google Drive, YouTube, SoundCloud and even GitHub to provide quick access to your favourites, documents and other data in the cloud. The app scans your favourites for media including pictures, videos and music and then organises it for you from the Nexos homescreen. In essence the app is designed to bring the items you have scattered across the Web closer to you, and accessible without having to visit external websites.

nexos for chrome

Bookmarks can be cut, edited and removed while offline, but if you’re using Chrome Sync the changes won’t be pushed until you’re back online. While the bookmarks organisation is functional, it doesn’t seem to offer too much advantage over the in-built Chrome organiser so this app is better suited to those who like the idea of connecting accounts and accessing them from an app running locally in the browser.


  • Connect Facebook, YouTube, GitHub, Vimeo and more for quick access from the homescreen.
  • View and organise bookmarks.
  • Media detected from bookmarks is organised by type including music, images and videos.
  • Organise your currently installed apps and extensions.

Download: Nexos @ Chrome Web Store

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  1. Rigoberto Garcia
    February 13, 2013 at 6:39 pm

    Great... Try it