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Newspond is an news engine that works without any editors or any voting. Articles on Newpond are sorted based on real time popularity. Newspond monitors hundreds of different sites over the internet, and keeps track of how popular an article is, how many other sites are discussing the article, and the number of people are bookmarking and clicking on the links. With this information, it creates a “Bouyancy Rating” that tells how popular the article is. The higher the Bouyancy Rating, the higher up on Newspond the story will be. With Newpond, one can see the most popular articles spreading all over the internet without being hindered by editors or elitist voting.


  • Choose from different topics such as Tech, Games, and Science with many subcategories each.
  • Huge variety of news sources, from popular to less known sites
  • Keep track of all other sources that are reporting on the same topic
  • Sort the news by “Popular Now, Latest, Popular Today, Yestarday, 1 Week, and 1 Month”
  • Search News and filter results
  • Comment on stories
  • After creating an account, save stories for later
  • Check Newspond out @

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