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The newspapers of a region carry important information on that region’s happenings and events. While obtaining local newspapers is fairly easy, acquiring copies of international newspapers is not. Even if you were somehow able to get a foreign newspaper, you would probably not understand the language it is in. Here to help find international newspapers and translate them is a web service called Newspaper Mag.

translate newspapers

With Newspaper Mag, you can type the name of the newspaper, the language it is in, and/or the region it belongs to. Balloon markers on the map in the background indicate search results. Clicking on a balloon displays information on that particular newspaper and provides the option to translate it into multiple languages through Google Translate. Clicking on the newspaper thumbnail takes you to its official website.

view newspapers online


  • A user-friendly web service.
  • Lets you view newspapers online.
  • Find newspapers by name, language, or region.
  • Get official links of newspapers.
  • Provides sharing buttons.
  • Similar tools: TodaysFrontPages and NewsPapers24.

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