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The Internet is always seeking new ways to show your news. Whether it is the latest way to display your Google News feeds or some entirely new way to subscribe to RSS feeds, there is always something new coming along every day. Some of them do it with lots of graphics, and some are all about stripping away the extras and building a simple way. Newsola combines simplicity with visuals to make a really cool news reader.

visual google news

Newsola breaks up their feeds into six categories. You can view news from World, National, Showbiz, Sports, Tech and Finance. It will show you a screen with the headlines, color coded by category so you can find what you need. You can choose to have it display stories from all categories, or you can pick and choose which ones interest you. The biggest news stories will be displayed with bigger text, and the smaller ones with smaller text.


You can choose your country from the menu at the top. This makes it so the National section knows where to display the news from. If you are looking for a cool way to find out what is happening, Newsola is a great option.


  • View your news visually.
  • Maintains a minimal design while still being visually pleasing.
  • News from six different categories.
  • Color and size coded makes it easy to find what is important to you.
  • Choose to see news from 14 different countries.
  • Similar tools: TweetTopicExplorer,, TweetScan, Summize and Snapbird.

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  1. Maxi3w
    July 29, 2012 at 8:02 pm

    Seems like a nice,colourful-almost "Metro" like visual look and a good way of categorizing different News items; I like it.