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The world is a busy place. Important events happen everyday, and there are lots of news outlets covering all of the stories as they happen. Of course, there is also a lot of not-so-important stories like celebrity scandals and other nonsense happening out there. The problem is, many of the big news sites mix coverage of the big, important stories with all the fluff designed to attract readers. A new site called Newsibly is designed to rectify the situation by grabbing only the biggest stories, so you can see the big news without the fluff.


Newsibly works by looking at how many sources are covering a certain story. Using this technique, it is able to automatically figure out which stories are the biggest, as a fluff piece will not be covered by a wide range of large news sources. You can view the top stories, and if there is a certain media outlet you enjoy, you can have it highlight them. This allows you to still find only the big stories, but to do it from a news outlet you are comfortable with.


You can also view the biggest stories from past days of the week. So if you missed the big stuff from three days ago, you can simply click the drop down menu and change to that day. This makes it easy to find the big news, even if it’s not the big news from today you are interested in seeing.


  • Find only the biggest news stories.
  • Pulls stories from the biggest sources on the web.
  • View stories from days already in the past.
  • Highlight certain news sources.

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