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Do you spend a considerable amount of time every day jumping from one website to another, simply to get the news and entertainment updates you want? If yes, then you could surely use a convenient feed reader. But nearly all feed reading applications require you to visit the feed reading website and get your feeds from there.

If you are looking for something that lets you immediately opens up your favorite feeds and lets you read them right from your browser, you should check out the excellent tool called NewsHub.

browser based feed reader

NewsHub is a free to use browser tool that comes as an extension for the Google Chrome web browser. The extension adds a new icon in Chrome’s address bar. Clicking on this icon drop down a window where you can see feeds of popular websites. The first time you use the extension, you will need to browse through the various categories of feeds and add the ones you want to stay updated with.

There are all kinds of categories available ranging from news and business to entertainment and lifestyle. Simply click on a category and then the corresponding website in the right pane to add it to your feeds. From then onwards whenever you open the dropdown window through the extension’s icon, you are able to view the updates from your added feeds.



The extension even lets you read the feeds from within the window. Just click on a feed entry and it is loaded up for you to conveniently read.


  • A user friendly browser extension.
  • Compatible with Google Chrome.
  • Lets you read website feeds from browser.
  • Offers various feeds categories and websites.

Check out NewsHub @

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