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Google Reader is one of the most popular RSS feed reader apps. But if it you want something with a more appealing and friendlier interface, then check out a web service called NewsBlur.

online feed reader software

NewsBlur is a free online feed reader software app. It lets you subscribe to a maximum of 64 feeds; the premium account allows unlimited subscriptions. You can either create a new account or import feeds from your Google Reader account. NewsBlur is extremely feature-rich: it supports keyboard shortcuts, tags, and displays the articles in their original websites. The app also has a built-in “Intelligence Trainer” that monitors the type of articles you read; it then hides stories you would not want to read and highlights the ones you would like.

The interface is neat and easy to navigate. Sites and their number of articles are displayed in the left pane. Articles themselves are displayed in the center and a list of them can be found at the bottom.

online feed reader software

You can access the bottom-left buttons to modify the your NewsBlur options.



  • A user friendly web service.
  • Lets you read online feeds in a friendly interface.
  • Lets you subscribe to a maximum of 64 feeds.
  • Supports keyboard shortcuts.
  • Contains a built-in Intelligence Trainer that hides articles you will not like and highlights articles you will like.
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