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When you’re learning a new language, reading the news in that language can be helpful. Words are used to describe events you might already be familiar with, and you learn to read words usually not found in textbooks. It’s a good idea, but also occasionally confusing. While journalists in general strive to write clean, readable copy, they usually assume at least a fifth grade reading level – something students just beginning to learn a language can’t immediately handle.

News In Levels is a site specifically designed for those learning to speak English. LIke the Simple English version of Wikipedia, it’s written intentionally for people trying to pick up earth’s most-used tongue. Even better, there are three versions of every article, meaning you can pick an article that best matches your current proficiency.

easy to read news articles

New stories are added to the page regularly, always with three versions – Level 1, 2 and 3. Level 1 is the easiest story to read, and Level three, the hardest. Those learning English can quickly jump from one level to another – down if an article is confusing and up if more detail is needed. Stories are usually accompanied by an audio version as well as videos, helping provide context to users unfamiliar with certain words. There are even occasionally audio versions of stories, helping people hear words as they read.

The site was created by English as a second language teachers, and it shows: it’s an valuable resource for teachers and students alike.




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