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If you just updated an app in the last couple of days and it is crashing before even opening, don’t go and leave a negative review on the app. It appears that this is happening to some really major applications, and the problem seems to be caused by an issue on Apple’s end. Apple has not commented on the issue yet, but Instapaper creator Marco Arment has said in a blog post recently that this is happening with his app.

Instapaper is not the only app having problems. The free version of Angry Birds Space is also being reported as having the same issue. Goodreads on iPad is also suffering from this major crashing issue that renders their apps completely unusable. Some other apps that may be having problems include Huffington, Cubemen, Ski Safari, and Pinball Maniacs. The list is quite extensive, and you can find a robust version on Marco Arment’s blog.

It appears as though this problem stems from FairPlay. FairPlay is Apple’s digital rights management software that is added into each app after it is sent to them from the developer. This is designed to combat piracy.

If you are having an issue with an app that was updated on July 3rd or 4th, try deleting and re-installing it. If Apple is serving a fixed version of the app your issues will be solved. If Apple does not have a fixed version yet, you will be stuck with the broken app until they do.

Source: Mashable


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