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New Tab Page Browser Extension is a free to use Chrome browser extension. The extension basically acts as an app that replaces your default Chrome New Tab page with a new page. This page includes a lot of tools including Google Search. Other things you will find on the page include your recently visited websites. These websites are displayed as differently colored thumbnails along with the website favicon displayed.

You can open the site by clicking on the thumbnail. The website also shows you a list of latest news articles. These news articles are grabbed from Google News. To read the details of a news article, all you have to do is click on a news headline under the News section.

change chrome default new tab page

In case you are planning a picnic today or any of the upcoming days, you will benefit from New Tab Page Browser Extension because it displays the weather as well. You can easily see if there is a rain forecast so you know when to not go picnicking. Finally, the extension offers you a shortcut to the most used Google Applications.

Simply click on one of these shortcuts and you shall be taken to your destination service. Services shown include Gmail, Drive, Chrome Web Store, and more.

new tab page



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