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Two new improvements you can try out on Google Drive include a new way to spellcheck your whole document in one go and a way to have better control with customizable lists. Granted, Google Drive has a long way to go before it matches up to the variety of features available on Microsoft Office, but with these incremental efforts, Google is meeting two oft-requested demands. The smarter link tool introduced last week and the two changes here make document creation just a little bit smoother and quicker.

With the new spellcheck, you can do “real-time” spelling corrections on your document. On Google Docs, misspelt words will be shown with red underlines and you can also use the spellcheck mode by activating it from Tools menu – Spelling. A dialog box will display all misspelled words and suggest corrections. You can make individual corrections one word at a time, or click on Change All to correct them in one go. Selecting Ignore or Ignore All allows Google Drive to accept your spelling. Just like MS Word, the new spellcheck feature will help you proof the entire document again after you have written it.

For structuring your documents, Google has introduced customizable bullet lists. You can use the presets for numbered and bulleted lists. You can customize lists with your own bullets, and also change the color, size, and style of individual bullets.

As the Google+ announcement post said, it is about keeping your documents clean and organized. Google Docs and Spreadsheet are already viable MS Office alternatives. Additional features like these are closing the gap.

Source: Google+


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