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You can now automatically tweet your current location every time you land in a new country. It may not be ideal for 007, but it’s perfectly possible for other British residents, thanks to a new IFTTT channel: JetSetMe by mobile carrier O2.

JetSetMe is an O2 product, claiming to be “an ecosystem of new products and services by letting O2 customers share their travel data”, according to its website. IFTTT is the first of these products, and with it you can trigger just about any action every time you touch down.

IFTTT, which we’ve covered many times before, is an Internet automater. This means it causes certain reactions when a given action occurs. Its many channels allows users to combine a “Trigger” in one web app (touching down in a new country) with another (Tweeting your location, adding the name to a map of places you’ve been and more).

The JetSetMe channel includes only one trigger – landing in a new country – and no possible reactions to prompt with other triggers, but don’t worry: the site’s many channels mean there are plenty of possible combinations:


You can browse all fan-created recipes here, but highlights include keeping a journal of your travels on Google Calendar, emailing loved ones when you land safely, posting to a dedicated Tumblr, or Tweeting the words “Party In The” followed by the name of your destination every time you land. You get the idea.

Of course, the IFTTT extension is just one part of the deal. The other is stat collection, and a map at allows you to check out the results of that:

With this you can watch every time an anonymous customer from the UK lands in a different country around Europe, and see stats regarding which nations O2 customers frequent.

Note that JetSetMe is currently limited to UK-based customers of the O2 carrier – but hopefully other carriers will adopt the idea in time.

Source: The Next Web

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