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Google brings two new search filters to its image search tools, making it almost impossible to not find what you’re looking for. The new filters can help you find animated GIFs, which are almost as old as the Web but surprisingly popular nonetheless, as well as images with a transparent background, which are useful for various design projects and a wide variety of other purposes.

Ready to find some animated GIFs? Google’s update added a new filter which makes it super easy to find your next cat-making-weird-face GIF. When conducting an image search, click on “Search tools” below the search box, and then on “Any type”. Choose “Animated” from the dropdown menu, and volia, all the animated GIFs you could dream of are right in front of you.

Finding images with a transparent background is just as easy. Transparent images can useful for PowerPoint slides and even for blogging, among other things. You can now filter for them by choosing “Transparent” under the “Any Color” menu in the Search Tools menu. But do remember: even these images could fall under various copyrights and restricted use licenses, so do check this aspect if you are thinking of re-using them.

The official announcement of these changes on Google+ also served up this little bit of trivia:

… you may not know that the origins of animation go as far back as 1879 and Eadweard Muybridge’s “zoopraxiscope” (see our doodle homage to Muybridge:

What do you think of these new Image Search filters?


Source: Google+ via 9To5Google

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