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Facebook has launched a new feature for developers that allows them to show a playable preview of their game directly in the news feed. This new feature, called Feed Gaming, will allow them to show off their game without the player having to install anything. This could be a great way for developers to get new people engaged in their game.

The main thing that makes this so useful is that playing this preview of the game will not allow developers to get access to any of the user’s information. Users run the game directly from the feed and can then decide if the game is worth it before they authorize the game to access their personal information.

Once the person is finished playing the trial version of the Facebook game, a prompt may come up asking them to install the full version of the game. This is something the developers can opt to set up.

The concept of video game demos is nothing new. The Xbox 360 has offered downloadable demos since the system launched. Disc-based demos came with magazines long before that. Still, to see it integrated into a social network is something new, and could be very interesting.

Currently, Idle Worship, Angry Birds, and Bubble Witch Saga are all using this feature. We can expect to see more games using the demo option soon, especially once we see if this actually generates new users.


We can hope to see games finding creative ways to make use of this demo feature. Angry Birds, for example, has a button where you can challenge a friend to beat your score on a specific level.

Would trying a game on Facebook make you more likely to install it? Would you feel safer when installing new apps? Let us know in the comments!

Source: Facebook Developer Blog

  1. Evas
    May 27, 2012 at 1:42 am

    Unless they change Timeline,I'll hate Facebook forever

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