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Shortening URLs, checking our emails, view the Twitter feed, translating text – we use the internet for many things. But each task is often performed on a different website and has us switching browser tabs often. Here to save you from all that tab-switching is a web service called NetVibes.


NetVibes is a free web service that merges the most used internet functions in a singular dashboard. You can start by selecting the type of dashboard you want e.g. whether you are going to use it for news, catching up with friends, or for being productive. Each type has a set of predefined tools built-in but you can always define your own type to make a custom set of tools. These tools range from email viewers to URL shorteners – nearly everything you use the internet for can be shrunk and fit into your NetVibes dashboard.

You can reposition the tools easily by dragging them. And to save your settings you can sign up for an account on the site.


  • A user-friendly web service.
  • Combines nearly all web tools you need.
  • Offers these tools under a single dashboard.
  • Lets you create custom combinations of tools or select from preformed ones.

Check out NetVibes @

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