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If you have ever been into reading RSS feeds then you know what a feed reader What is a FeedReader ? What is a FeedReader ? Read More is.  Personally, there are so many blogs and websites that I enjoy and make use out of that I often forget some of them. Feeds How to Discover the RSS Feed of a Webpage If The Feed Link Isn't There How to Discover the RSS Feed of a Webpage If The Feed Link Isn't There Read More come in handy for me because I can just glance through all of the most recent content in a feed reader. If you haven’t gotten into this mode of reading, check it out!

For the longest time I have been using Google Reader and I have enjoyed the flexibility and usability of it. Recently though, I have been growing in love with the old start page tool Netvibes as my feed reader. Let me give you the rundown as to why Netvibes could be the next best feed reader out there.

First of all, the fact that it is a start page tool makes it more useful than just any old feed reader. Having a start page makes it easier because if you utilize a lot of websites for different things like weather, IM, news, and to-do lists, then an all-in-one start page makes it so you don’t have to constantly switch between websites. The fact that Netvibes also acts as a feed reader is a major perk!

netvibes wasabi review

Some of the views that Netvibes offers for its feed reader really make it easy to suite many different people’s tastes while making it easy to manage many feeds.


First of all you’ve got the infamous “widgets view.”  In my opinion (take it or leave it) the “widgets view” gives a good overview of what each feed has going on.

netvibes wasabi review

Next there’s the “reader view” which is where the typical feed reader-type view comes in.  As you’ll soon see, there are some features that actually make it a bit less typical.

You can see that the feeds are grouped by topics and those feeds are listed in the same manner that Google Reader does, in chronological order.  If, instead of clicking the link, you hover over the link, you’re offered several options: share this article, mark as ‘read later’, or actually open the website.  Very sleek and easy to use!

Moving on from there, in the “reader view” you have several more viewing options starting with the list view as pictured above.  You can also choose the expanded view, which shows the whole articles all listed in order:

Or the ultra cool but slightly less useful “mosaic” view which shows a mosaic of the post titles with their included pictures:

One of the features of Netvibes that makes it a viable runner in the Feed reader race is the fact that you can read posts without actually leaving the page.  This makes it easier than constantly switching back and forth and opening and closing new windows or tabs.

There are some other cool aspects of Netvibes that gives them a bit of an edge.  Their newest release, named Wasabi, has some nifties under the hood that I think would make anyone take a second look.  First there is the idea that readers should not wait for updates to feeds.  They shouldn’t have to wait a day or even a few minutes for the new update to appear!  Some readers even have the option to MANUALLY refresh the feed!  Well, Netvibes with its new “Instant Update Technology” now gives NEAR real time updating!  Now waiting, no fuss.

Also, with the new Wasabi edition, Netvibes offeres the ability to create more than one page.  You used to only have the ability to use multiple tabs (and you still do) but now you can have multiple pages on top of that!  My first question was whether or not there was a point to pages, you know, with tabs already available.  Pages give you an extra degree of separation.  For instance, you may want to keep your work and personal life separate.  Now you can have a work page and a personal page so you are no longer distracted when you are “working.”

If you haven’t yet, give Netvibes another try!  I think you may like some of the changes!

What feed reader do you use and why?

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