Netflix Launches Streaming Service In Brazil [News]

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The video serving giant Netflix has expanded to a brand new market, bringing their online streaming service to Brazil. As of today, people in Brazil will be able to use Netflix streaming content just like in other territories, meaning they can watch content from a computer, PS3, Xbox 360 or any other supported Netflix streaming capable device.

Launch in Brazil is just the beginning for Netflix, as they plan to launch in 43 other countries and territories in Latin America, Mexico, and the Caribbean over the next week. By September 12th the roll-out will be complete, and Netflix will have all the Americas covered for streaming video content. They have spent a great deal of time researching what people in Latin America want to watch, and they have secured licenses for all kinds of movies, documentaries and TV shows that will appeal to the target audience in Brazil and other Latin American countries.

Anyone in Brazil who wishes to sign up for Netflix is eligible for a one month free trial of the service to get them started, and see if the content is right for them.

According to Rochelle King, Netflix VP of User Experience and Design they “were excited to find out how passionate people in Latin America are about movies and TV shows, it’s an incredible opportunity for Netflix and I hope everyone in Latin America enjoys this service as much as we’ve enjoyed building it for you.

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Source: Cnet via Netflix Offical Blog

43 countries and territories in Latin America, Mexico, and the Caribbean

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Jewellpage Com

How could they be launching in 43 Latin American countries when there are only 21?

Mark O’Neill

The actual wording on the Netflix blog announcement is :

“over the next week, Netflix will launch throughout Latin America and the Caribbean – some 43 countries and territories in all.”

I have changed the wording in this post accordingly.


Luis Antonio Vélez González

Already available here in Puerto Rico since around may…



Potential customers in Guyana and the English speaking Caribbean should avoid streaming Netflix through Wii – unless you wish Spanish or Portugese subtitles with no way to switch them off. It seems that Rochelle King, Netflix’s Head of user experience, has no experience. Better still, wait until Netflix fixes its Wii service otherwise you will be frustrated.


Thanks for the tip!

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