Netflix Gets Social – Adds Facebook Integration In The US [Updates]

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Netflix has announced that Facebook sharing is coming to US subscribers “over the coming days”, and expects all users to get access to the feature by the end of the week. A feature that many Netflix users have longed for – and others dreaded – Facebook sharing gives you the ability to connect the streaming service to Facebook so your friends can see what you’re is watching. It’s a feature that has been around in other countries for some time, but because of the Video Privacy Protection Act, a federal law from 1998, US subscribers were unable to enjoy it up until now.

By default, Netflix’s new social features will be presented only on Netflix itself:  A new tab called “Watched by your friends” will tell you all about the moves and shows your friends are watching, and a “Friends’ Favorites” tab will show content your friends have rated with 4 or 5 stars, to help you get an idea of what the people close to you  enjoy watching.

Worried about your privacy? Sharing can be turned off in a number of ways, so users interested in keeping their viewing habits private will be able to do so with ease. Individual videos can be blocked from sharing via a new “Don’t Share This” button on the player. In addition, users can adjust or stop sharing altogether through their Account page on Netflix. Netflix also assures that nothing will be posted to Facebook automatically, giving you control over how content is bridged between the two services.

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Are you going to share your Netflix habits?

Source: Cnet

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Steve V

I already have to be careful what I watch because my girlfriend can see my “recently watched” list, there’s no way in hell I’m sharing that information with anyone else.



No way! I don’t have any personal info in my profile – why would I want to share the details of my private entertainment choices? Any website that demands that I log in via FB gets a big pass from me as it is – as long as I can block this I’ll stick around. If they ever make it mandatory I’m outta there!



Let the games and lawsuits begin,

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