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Netflix has launched a nice update for its iOS application that adds some useful new features, and brings a new look to parts of app. While it’s not a complete redesign like we’ve seen from apps such as LinkedIn recently LinkedIn Revamps iOS & Android Apps With New Design, Better Navigation & More [Updates] LinkedIn Revamps iOS & Android Apps With New Design, Better Navigation & More [Updates] LinkedIn has rolled out updates to its mobile applications on both iOS, Android, as well as to the mobile version of its website. The update brings a major change for the social network, completely revamping... Read More , it definitely makes some useful changes.

The first thing you will notice is a slight interface change: The new UI makes it possible to quickly flip through content you’ve already started watching, which will make it easier to go back to the things you enjoy most. This change should make getting through the interface and into the video content a quicker process, which at the end of the day, is what Netflix is really all about.

The episode selector has been tweaked, and the iPad version of the app has received a completely new one, so choosing an episode should be even easier, whether you’re using an iPhone or an iPad.

The next big change is best noticed while playing a movie or TV show. The audio and subtitle options have received a facelift, so adjusting them during playback should be a little easier. It’s not the biggest change, but it should come in handy. The update also includes some bug fixes and performance enhancements, as usual.

The update is available now for free from the App Store, but a subscription to the Netflix service is required to watch the content on the service.


Have you used the new version of Netflix on iOS? What did you think?

Source: iTunes via Engadget

  1. Scott M
    April 25, 2013 at 2:50 am

    As soon as my contracts run out on my cable and internet with Roger Comm. in Canada,the dominant player and most expensive with gig charges per month,I will be switching to a smaller player named Teksavy that offers 300 gigs per month for about $30 including tax and a subscription to Netflix will be the first thing that I do.I wouldlike to see an article on the problems your Canadian readers face with high cable prices and the CRTC with its Canadian Content restrictions that won't allow us to use Hulu,Pandora,and the rest of the great streaming media that the US enjoys.They have us by the short and curlys here.They tried to put Teksavy out of business as they said they were losing money by selling to small outfits.Our Supreme Court saw differently and ruled they were allowed to buy chunks of bandwidth from the other carriers at a low rate and offer it to the consumers at a reasonable price.When they asked the large phone company,Bell,for their cost per gig it turned out to be 12 cents and the big carrier was laughed out of the courtroom.
    Its not a perfect solution as the download is slow and the customer service isn't as good because Bell and Rogers look after their own customers and help is slow for the small players but with 300 gigs I can cut my cable and internet by 2/3s.
    A huge difference.

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