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Are you connected to the Internet but facing extremely low speeds? If so, then perhaps you should check the health of your Internet connection. One tool to help you do this is NetChecker.

NetChecker is a freeware utility for computers running the Windows operating system. The function of this freeware is to help you analyze the health of your network connection and the status of your computer’s Internet connectivity. The application comes in a setup file sized at nearly 0.1 MB.

Once you download and install the application, you can open it to view a window that looks like the command prompt, except with a blue background. You will see a number of options, but the ones used to test your Internet are only the first two options. Using the first option, you can check whether or not your connection has Internet abilities.

To select this choice, simply type the number 1 in the area provided and press the Enter key on your keyboard. The second option lets you analyze your connection’s Internet health. This process simply analyzes the packet loss, if any, and provides you with the results of the analysis. To go for this option, enter the number 2 and press the Enter key.


In this very simple way, NetChecker lets you very easily check the status of your internet connection and what its health is.


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