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If you want to take out a loan or apply for a credit card, the most logical place to get these is from a bank. But if you want lower credit card rates, you should try a credit union. With an app called Nerdwallet Credit Union, you can find credit unions in your area plotted into Google Maps and organized for you.

compare credit unions

This Google Maps mashup lets you find credit unions by zip code or by name. You can filter credit unions based on military service, type of institution, and other qualifications. What is really useful here is that you can also filter the data based on your FICO score, allowing you to apply only to credit unions that match your current financial situation.

The result will show a list of credit unions and potential saving in your credit card APRs as well as the benefits of each compared to a regular bank. Each listed credit union has a series of stars next to it so you can easily view each of their advantages. You can then go to the website of your chosen credit union to apply.

Nerdwallet Credit Union is a great way to show that there are several alternatives, driving home the point that you have a choice if you feel stuck dealing with banks.


  • Free; no sign up required.
  • Search and compare banks and credit unions on a Google Map.
  • Search by name or zip code.
  • Filter based on qualifications and FICO score.
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