NeoK12 – Educational Kids Website that Teaches Your Children

vidHead   NeoK12   Educational Kids Website that Teaches Your ChildrenI have covered a few children’s websites in the past as well as how to keep your toddler entertained online but as the little ones get older we want to do more than just entertain them.

We want to teach them as well! GASP! Yes I said it, let’s try and use the Internet tubes to teach our children while they are having fun!

Double Gasp!

Let’s journey on over to the educational kids website neok12 and see what they have to offer our kids. NeoK12 has a lot of videos for kids that are in grades kindergarten through 12th grade. The best part is that each of these videos has already been viewed and verified by teachers also in grades K through 12.

So no surprise pornography or advertising geared towards children.

As soon as you hit the site you will see this:

vid1   NeoK12   Educational Kids Website that Teaches Your Children

Yes that is a LOT of text! There are lots of categories broken down into The Sciences (including Physical, Life, Human Body, Earth, Space, etc.) and others like Social Studies, English, Math and then Fun Videos for a treat (but they are still educational!) Click on any of the topics to drill down your search or type in a search term on the right hand side of the site.

I clicked on the sub-topic under Math titled Numbers. That brought me to this screen:

vid2   NeoK12   Educational Kids Website that Teaches Your Children

Now this stuff is right up my 2 year old daughter’s alley! I clicked on the first link ““ Counting Numbers 1-10 and sat back (I ignored the strange looks from my co-workers as this stuff blasted out of my speakers.)

vid3   NeoK12   Educational Kids Website that Teaches Your Children

And just like that the little ones can watch and learn. You can also help tag the videos for the educational audience you think it is appropriate for. Like I choose Primary Grades for this one. Next up I decided to click on Fun Videos. This brought me to a section with Nursery Rhymes. Something I LOVED as a child. Why not use this to introduce little Kayla to them?

vid4   NeoK12   Educational Kids Website that Teaches Your Children

I chose the old American classic Jack and Jill”¦ You know the one ruined by Andrew Dice Clay in the early nineties!:) Again I sat back and watched the video also provided via youTube.

vid5   NeoK12   Educational Kids Website that Teaches Your Children

When I was finished being entertained by that I went to check out some science. I clicked on Earth and saw these selections:

vid6   NeoK12   Educational Kids Website that Teaches Your Children

Very cool stuff to help children of all ages learn. Children are our experiments ““ let’s help them thrive! Give them every opportunity to learn!

With this educational kids website, you can also create playlists, monitor what your children have done  on the site and recommend other videos for them to index. All in all this is a great idea and we should all help it along with a little nudge!  Tell your friends that have children that neoK12 is here to help them out!

Do you have other favorite educational kids websites? If so share the links in the comments below. I am sure there is someone out there that will thank you!

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Thanks for letting us know about NeoK12 … hadn’t heard of it before. Also worth checking out is the kids site, as it is interspersed with educational things also. Cheers!


A website to enhance English composition and story writing skills. Probably best for teens.