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NeighborGoods is a simple website with a very powerful idea. All of us have things that we don’t use and a lot of people around us may have a need for them. NeighborGoods makes that connection by letting people post online the stuff they are willing to share/lend. Other users can then browse for stuff they need temporarily and once found, borrow it from that person for a limited time.

No money changes hands and the whole transaction is done in good faith. This requires a lot of trust and this is why NeighborGoods encourages you to do that only with people around you so a sense of trust develops. You can add items that you want to share, make a wishlist of items you want to borrow and even send messages to other users asking about their items. Organizations can also create a group for a small monthly fee to set up a private space.

share stuff with neighbor


  • Borrow and share stuff with your neighbors.
  • Upload items with details and pictures.
  • Ask questions before you borrow/lend.
  • See how much money you would save.

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