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resize images onlineSeveral months ago, I told you about 7 free ways to batch edit your photos 7 Free Apps to Batch Edit, Resize, & Rename Images 7 Free Apps to Batch Edit, Resize, & Rename Images Some of the most common edits your images will have to go through are simple things such as resize, rename, format conversion, basic color fixes, etc. While you can’t be expected to sit through an... Read More . While researching this post, I found many useful tools that can save you time when resizing, renaming, and editing multiple photos. Most of these tools were installed programs, and while they each come with many useful features, using them was confusing at times. Another problem with many of these tools, as well as with these batch convert and resize tools How To Convert & Resize Images In Bulk How To Convert & Resize Images In Bulk Read More , is that you can’t use them to crop images, and if you can, you must crop all your images the same way. But your images are not all the same, are they?

Cropping and resizing can become a real chore, especially if you need many images for a website which should also look good on various mobile devices, Retina displays, etc. In these cases, you may need the same image in various sizes, and sometimes in various crops too. Services such as Croppola Croppola Automatically Crops Your Images To Create The Best Composition Croppola Automatically Crops Your Images To Create The Best Composition Everyone likes taking pictures every now and then. You might be only a holiday photographer, or mainly an Instagram photographer, but when you do take pictures, you want them to look good. Especially if you... Read More offer batch cropping, and even automatic cropping, but in Croppola’s case, it doesn’t resize images, and you can’t generate more than one copy of each image. So what’s the solution?

Yum Yum SizzlePig

resize images online

SizzlePig is not only a useful app, it’s also the best named one I’ve seen in a while. I have no idea what batch-editing photos has to do with sizzling pigs, but it’s definitely a name you remember. Before we dive into the (awesome) service, you should know that SizzlePig is a free service only for your first 100 photos. After that limit, you can either pay 10 cents per photo, if you don’t have many, or get one of the monthly plans which range from $10 for 800 images, to $75 for 15,000 images.

Yes, I know, you’re wondering why you should pay good money when there are so many free alternatives, right? Trust me on this, SizzlePig brings some very cool features to the table, and while it might not be worth it for everyone, it can definitely save you time if it fits your workflow. 100 photos will be more than enough to find out if SizzlePig can help you or not, but choose wisely, it’s addictive!

Setting Up SizzlePig

Before you can start using SizzlePig, you’ll need to create an account. Once you do that, you can choose whether you’d like to upload your photos manually, or use Dropbox as both the source and destination of your photos. If you choose to link SizzlePig with Dropbox the experience becomes even more streamlined and effortless, but note that it does require you to grant the app access to your entire Dropbox.


crop images online

Now that you have an account, you’re ready to upload some images, or point SizzlePig to one of your Dropbox folders. Each folder you add to SizzlePig is called a project, and you can give it a name and come back to it at any time.

crop images online

The Fun Part: Editing Photos

After creating a project, the first thing you have to do is create your project’s blueprint. What does that mean? It means you get to decide how many copies of each photo you want to have, and the size, format/quality, suffix, etc. of each copy. You can either use your mouse to resize the blueprint until it looks good, or enter the numbers manually. When everything’s set, click on “Save blueprint”.

crop images online

Now you’re ready to get down to the actual editing. SizzlePig will present your images in a list, complete with file name, thumbnail, and original size. Click on an image to fine-tune each of its copies. The sizes you chose in the blueprint will already be set – all you have to do is click on the image, and crop the area you want into the size you chose.

It’s a little confusing at first, as we’re used to cropping an area out of an image, and not adjusting an area of an image to fit a new size, but you’ll get the hang of it quickly.

cloud image resizing

Every photo you edit gets an orange mark on its top right corner. This makes it easy to see which photos have been edited and which haven’t. Hover over the marker to revert the image to its original form.

cloud image resizing

You can also use the top toolbar to revert all your changes with one click, or filter the images to get only new ones, only ones you’ve edited, or ones that generated errors in processing (if any). This makes it very easy to see how many images you’ve already edited, and how many you still have left.

cloud image resizing

You don’t necessarily have to crop your photos if you don’t want to. SizzlePig can be used to create multiple sizes and formats of each picture, and will still be super useful.

Show Time: Get Your Images

Done editing? It’s time to see some results. Click the “Process images” button on the top right to start. You’ll now have to choose whether these photos are only a draft, in which case you will never be charged and all your photos will be watermarked, or if this is the final product, in which case you’ll need to pay if you go over 100 images.

Note that you don’t pay just for photos you’ve cropped – if you have 112 photos in your albums and you’ve only cropped 50, you still pay for 112. After all, SizzlePig did resize them for you and did all its other magic.


In case you’re curious, this is what the watermark looks like. It’s not so bad looking, but it’s not something you can use anywhere. It’s only to make sure the sizes and crops are right for you before you waste your free photos or even pay for something you can’t use.

resize images online

Once you’re sure everything’s good to go, you can get the actual photos. If you’ve linked your Dropbox account, the photos will automatically sync to the folder you specified. If you chose to upload manually, you can download your new photos in a ZIP file.

Once you look at them, you’ll find you have all your specified sizes, that each photo is cropped just like you want it, the file names and formats are just as you specified, and you’ve done all this work in very little time.

Bottom Line: A Brilliant Service Worth Paying For

We don’t give our money away so easily nowadays, especially not for apps or software. I, too, am in no hurry to pay for services, but I thoroughly appreciate the ones I’ve decided to pay for, use them on a daily basis, and would pay even more for some of them, if I could.  SizzlePig is one of those services that are well worth your money, if resizing and cropping multiple images is something you do on a regular basis, and you need your images to be just so.

I’m not saying there are no free alternatives – there always are – but SizzlePig is made with love, and you can feel it. The app is a joy to use, it does its job spectacularly, and if you get stuck, you’re sure to find help on the website, be it in the video intro, the tour, or the manual. It’s all been taken care of.

So what do you think of SizzlePig? Will it help you get through the chore of batch resizing and cropping, or would you rather use one of the many free alternatives?

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