Need a Disposable Email Address? Try These Great Services

disposable mail 300   Need a Disposable Email Address? Try These Great ServicesDisposable emailaddresses are not a new idea. In fact they’ve been around almost as long as email has (well, almost). In case you’ve never used one, disposable emails are fake email addresses you can give to people you don’t trust, to services you suspect of sharing your address, and on any situation where you don’t want to use your real address. Depending on the service you use, you can either read emails received to this address on a Web interface, or receive them to your real inbox.

There are dozens of such services, and most are really easy to use. It’s just a matter of finding the one which offers the right features for you, and yes, there are all kinds of different features and perks to be had. So if you need a confidential disposable email address that you don’t want tracked, here are some excellent options you can try.

Important note: never use these services for sensitive information or for emails containing usernames and passwords you want to protect. While they are reasonably private, they are still not secure as your regular email account.


guerrillamail   Need a Disposable Email Address? Try These Great Services

GuerrillaMail provides more than just a disposable email address. In fact, the email address you get from GuerrillaMail never expires, so it’s actually not disposable – it’s even better. To use GuerrillaMail, all you have to do is choose your inbox ID, which would be your email address, and you’re ready to go. You can have any username you want, and choose between seven different domains. When you receive an email to your new address, it will automatically appear on your email page. You can reply from within GuerrillaMail, and even attach files. GuerrillaMail acts as a spam filter too, so spam shouldn’t even reach your inbox, and all email is deleted within 1 hour.

Since your address lasts forever (unless you tell it to forget you), you can use it again and again. All you have to do is enter the same email to view your inbox, so anyone who has it can view it. GuerrillaMail solves this problem by using aliases when sending out emails, so your recipients can’t access your GuerrillaMail. The downside is that sometimes emails I sent out from GuerrillaMail simply never arrived.

In a nutshell: Read, reply and attach files, permanent address with alias, emails deleted in 1 hour.


fakeinbox   Need a Disposable Email Address? Try These Great Services

FakeInbox is slightly better looking than is common for these services, and offers fake email addresses that self-destruct after 60 minutes. All the provided addresses are in the same domain – – and you can either choose your own username or let the service generate a random one for you.  You can now give this address to anyone, and receive incoming emails on FakeInbox’s interface. You can also reply from here, and those are received instantly. A countdown at the bottom of the page shows you how much time you have left with this address. Done with it? You can delete it before your time is up. Want an extra 60 minutes? You can get that as well.

In a nutshell:  Read and reply, address and inbox deleted in 60 minutes (can extend).


mailcatch   Need a Disposable Email Address? Try These Great Services

MailCatch is very similar to GuerrillaMail, but with a cherry on top. To start, MailCatch makes it very clear that you can give out a email address before you even access the website. Just think up some random username, and then point your browser at to check your email. As with GuerrillaMail, all a person needs in order to access this mailbox is your username, and here there are no aliases here, so you really need to take that into account. MailCatch is read only, meaning you can’t reply to emails, only read them. What you can do, though, for 2€ a month, is set up forwarding or POP3 access to your MailCatch address, so you don’t have to use the Web interface to see your emails. All emails on MailCatch are deleted after a short time (several hours to several days).

In a nutshell: Read only, permanent address with alias, emails deleted after several hours to days, unique URL for your inbox, premium users can set up forwarding and POP3.


airmail   Need a Disposable Email Address? Try These Great Services

AirMail is a disposable email address service with some nice perks. Unlike other services, you can only generate random emails, with no control over what they’ll be. You can, however, generate one after the other until you find something you like. There seem to be at least 5 different domains in use. Once you find an address you like, you can give it to whoever you want, and receive the emails to AirMail’s interface. According to the AirMail website, you can view HTML emails, although I couldn’t see an image I sent myself. AirMail also claims to strip hidden codes from emails, thus preventing third parties from learning information about your browser and IP.

The nice thing about AirMail is that it feels almost like regular email. You get a sound notification upon arrival of a new email, and you can check your emails from any browser on any computer by copying your inbox’s unique URL. The address will last as long as you keep checking it. If you stop, everything will self destruct after 24 hours.

In a nutshell: Read only, address and inbox deleted after 24 hours, can access with unique URL, sound notifications, HTML viewer and code stripping.


easy trash mail   Need a Disposable Email Address? Try These Great Services

EasyTrashMail takes a slightly different approach to disposable emails, and for this one to work, you need to provide your real email address. On the up side, you don’t have to use a clunky Web interface – all emails sent to your disposable address are automatically forwarded to your regular inbox. So how does it work? You provide the service with your real email address, and choose how much time you want your disposable address to exist. There are many options to choose from, ranging from 15 minutes to 1 month. Once you click on “Create” you receive a random email address at, and or as long as it’s up, you’ll receive anything sent to it directly to your inbox, without having to disclose your real address.

In a nutshell: need to provide real email, no Web interface, address can last from 15 minutes to 1 month.


mailnesia   Need a Disposable Email Address? Try These Great Services

Aside from its clever name, Mailnesia comes with several other cool features. Mailnesia is similar to GuerrillaMail and MailCatch in that it never really expires, only deletes email, and you can access the inbox simply by having the username. Like GuerrillaMail, you can set an alias for your inbox, so you don’t have to go around giving access to everyone who sees your address. There are several things that set Mailnesia apart: it comes in nine different languages, full HTML support, and the best part: auto clicking on confirmation/activation emails, which are what you’d use this address for most commonly. This means that if you use this address to sign up to a service or a website, Mailnesia will automatically click the confirmation link for you, without you doing anything. Pretty cool!

In a nutshell: Read only, permanent address with alias, emails deleted after several hours to days, comes in 9 languages, auto clicking on confirmation emails.

Want More?

Still looking or the perfect match? You can find five more temporary email services you might like in this article.

Is there a favorite service we missed? How do you handle situations in which you don’t want to give out a real email address? Tell us in the comments.

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Gideon Waxfarb

Surprised Mailinator is not on this list.

Lisa Santika Onggrid

Yeah. I use it ever since I discovered it, but I think it has been featured here, hence why it’s omitted from the list.
For those reading the comment and never heard of Mailinator, it’s also a good service with unexpiring address. It has even more domains than you can imagine. The only downside is people can guess your inbox easily if you use common names. That and given its age, many of its domains are already known and blocked by some well known sites like FB.

Yaara Lancet

Just like Lisa said, it’s already been mention in the a previous list of such services, which is linked to from the article. I tried providing new services we haven’t mentioned in the past. You can read the older article for five more services, including Mailinator.

Lewis Golden

Having a disposible email address is a wonderful idea. I really regret that I have not taken advantage of this service a long time ago. It would be wonderful to have a mailbox with email only from sources that I want correspondence with. Instead I am dealing with 20 or 30 emails every day from sources that I would prefer not to hear from. Most of the clutter results from going to websites where I had to give my email address to to get something. After reading this article ,I’ going to take the bull by the horns and start to use one of the services mentioned whenever I have to give my email to sources that I don’t want to know my real email address.


I am going to do the same thing as lewis and start to use one of these services, i am tired to see a mail from a company where it is hard to unsubscribe from them :/

Din One

Thanks i usually using fakeinbox… XD


Me too, works very well

Dominic Chang

If you use firefox there is a trashmail plugin available. Would exist for up to a month on free and if there are any mail it could be forwarded to one fo your existing accounts

Yaara Lancet

Awesome, thanks!

Anabel f.m.

Great discoveries. I used yopmail a time was in need of one of this. It worked for my purposes.

Yaara Lancet

Yeah, that’s a good one too. Mentioned in the previous article we published on these services. Thanks!

Ă‚dil FarĂ´Ă´q

lol that will be great :P


How could you miss out on ?
This is perhaps the best of them.

Yaara Lancet

No here’s one I really didn’t know. Thanks, Harry!

Sebastian Hadinata

I used guirellamail all the time whenever I need disposable email address. I guess I can try some of these alternatives next time.

Sebastian Hadinata

whoops, typo in the service name… GuerrillaMail* I mean.

Mike Merritt

I use:

They give me a random number email address ( which forwards all email to my real email address. I give out that email address to a suspicious site – and get their response in my regular email box. It lasts forever – there’s no reading it on their site, since everything arrives in your own inbox. If it gets too trashy – then to erase it it, you go on their site and ask to erase it and they send you an email (to your real address) with the erase code. No user names, no passwords – just private mail forwarding.

Yaara Lancet

Sounds good, thanks Mike!

Vishal Srivastava

Thanks for this list. From now on, I’ll use fake inbox for all the sources that I don’t trust.

Roomy Naqvy

I have never figured out the need for disposable email addresses, except to fool spam. But with Gmail’s pretty good spam features, I am not sure.

Yaara Lancet

I guess it depends on who you have to give your email address to. Sometimes you just don’t want to give out your real one, for various reasons.


once used these. then I found out the spam filter works good enough

Jan Fritsch

I expected to see in the list ~ nice to see some (at least for me) new alterantives.
also a good service

Yaara Lancet

Thanks for these!

Mr Xhark is the best :)

Igor Rizvi?

So what if i register to some site with a disposable email or email that has an expiration date?What happens to that profile

Yaara Lancet

Unless you need to actually receive email to that address, you can still use it to log in as a username. For many accounts, you only receive one email to verify the account, and that’s all you need. If that’s not the case, you shouldn’t use a disposable email for that account.

Larry Johnson

Great! Thanks for the list. I’ll have to check out these services and try some.



Rui Pedro Lopes

There are other services like this.
For example, it has proxys, disposable mail…

Yaara Lancet


Adam Campbell

Cool, did not know

Kaashif Haja

might come in handy some day
Good Article!

Avish Kansakar

easy trashmail looks good

Giggity Goebbels

Lol this is very useful for me

Ritwick Saikia

Disposable email addresses are a god send in this day and age where you have to give your mail address everywhere even if you know that you aren’t ever going to visit that site again..

Alexis Brianne

Thanks for this I always love having options and disposable emails are a must have these days!

James R. Celoni

In some of the tech training we give, our (adult) students need to have an e-mail address, e.g. to receive confirmations or alerts. YOPmail, mentioned in the original article and today’s comments, is the best fit: no setup, easy access, reliable! Thanks for both articles and the comments.

Shmuel Mendelsohn

I’ve been using computers since 1983; mainframes, mini’s, and pc’s with and without hard drives, and this is the first time I’m ever hearing about this. I guess that it’s better late than never!


old dogs can learn new tricks faster, better! :-)
see my easy way post above

Arxadius Stark

I’ve used (and still using) GuerrillaMail. Might try out the others for research! c:

Adinamo Alex

Nice stuff, i.ll try one cause i really need.


Use a Gmail account – spammers hate gmail – and use this gmail trick to create disposable or “tracking” emails for those filthy sites who promise never to reveal/share your address and bomb you 2 days later!

Gmail’s Plus Addressing: Lets say your email is With plus addressing you just add a “+” followed by any clue you like. So when you sign up for’s fab offer, you could use The mail still comes to your inbox. But you can easily set a filter on the email coming to that address. Or any “+” containing email address and filter/dump to trash.
Interestingly, you can learn which ones are lying thieves at once AND you can have as many “+” addresses as you like.
FWIW: Most of the Net quick-easy-money free-offers are only after your address to flog. I’ve seen up to 5 addresses shared from just one test email given.

Yaara Lancet

This is an excellent tip, and one we’ve mentioned here on MakeUseOf before. Thanks for bringing it up, it’s very relevant!


Yopmail, MailMeNot (from BugMeNot), 10 Minute Mail, and Fake Mail Generator.

Or just use one of the standard companies, like Yahoo, Gmail, AOL, etc., separate from your real email address. Some sites won’t even let you log in if you have a funny looking domain that’s not one of the major ones. Just make up a random address with a long-standing provider. You can use Fake Name Generator (from the same company that brings you Fake Mail Generator) to copy in phony details on the registration page. What I sometimes do is copy one of the auto-generated (usually gibberish) prefixes from a site like 10 Minute Mail or Mailinator and attach it to a “regular” address. So it ends up being something like qwfxyvzzx at

I wonder how many people have already set up fake social media profiles using any of these combinations. Not me, of course. ;-)

The Tech Guy

I happen to like Auto follows website registration links for you, which no other sites do. Looks ok and works great.

Yaara Lancet

Thanks! Didn’t know about this one.

Ardingbel is a new disposable email service. I use it myself :)

Yaara Lancet

Nice, thanks!


I’m also surprised Mailinator is not on this list. It’s one of the originals. Though now I use, it’s got a cleaner interface and their website works on my iphone.

Yaara Lancet

Mailinator is mentioned in a previous MakeUseOf article, you can find the link in the article above. I tried finding some new services we haven’t covered before.

Thanks for recommending Mailsac!


+1 to and harakirimail since they either are newer or the developers keep them more up to date. I like to remain anonymous on the interwebs and am always using temporary emails. Some of the interfaces are rough to use though. Mailsac is cleaner, though lesa features. Not sure that is actually a bad thing or not. But hey, they are all free :-)

Yaara Lancet

Thanks for the recommendation!