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For camera stuffers who always find a way to smile and take a picture in front of any camera they see, this is a cool app for them. Neave is a flash-based web app that adds cool effects when you take pictures using your computer’s webcam. This app offers up 60+ effects and various options.

photo effects for web cam

Once you have allowed Flash to use your webcam,, you can choose your flash settings or set up the countdown timer before shooting. Then you can click left or right to choose the different filters or click the center button to get the full set of filters you can choose from. Neave Webcam works much like OSX’s Photobooth but with trendier filters like X-pro, Neon, Old Movie, and Lomo.

Neave Webcam Toy is a nice addition to your photobook app collection. For a flash app, it works seamlessly with no feeling of lag. It is a useful app for anyone who takes posing in front of a camera as their primary hobby.


  • Fun image effects with your webcam.
  • Over 60 filters.
  • Flash-based app.
  • Choose different shooting options.
  • Available also as a Chrome web app.
  • Similar tools: SplitCam, WebCam Avatar, 3Frames, 99Colors and GIFup.

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