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Facebook users can create their own page to connect with people who share the same interests or to promote their businesses. Facebook Pages allows members of a page to share wall posts, links, pictures, and videos. You can also use discussion boards to connect with page members and fans.

chat for facebook

However, none of these features support real-time interactions within the site. NeatChat, a simple web-based chat service that we have already reviewed, now has a Facebook application that can be added to your Facebook pages to let your members to talk to each other in real-time.

To install NeatChat in your Facebook page, first you need to go to its application page in Facebook. Then under Neat Chat’s profile picture, click the “Add to my Page“ link. A box containing a list of all your Facebook Pages will show up. Select the pages that you would like to install Neat Chat on by clicking “Add to Page“. Then go to your Facebook Page click the “+” button in the main tab. Select Neat Chat from the list to make them appear in your Facebook page.

chat for facebook

After installation, members of that page can now chat with each other by going to the Neat Chat tab and entering a nickname. Upon joining, the members will be taken to a public chatroom for that Facebook Page where they can talk with other users. The slick app also allows you to share files with each other.


The NeatChat Facebook application is a great addition for your Facebook Page, especially if you have a budding online community with active members. For very simple businesses that rely on social networking to sell their goods, Neatchat is a great way to interact with customers and even take orders in real time.

chat for facebook


  • Install a chatroom in your Facebook Pages.
  • Provides a venue for real-time interaction for your online community.
  • Print chat logs.
  • Upload files in the chatroom (up to 2 MB).
  • Change nicknames in the chatroom.
  • Set your status to “Available” or “Away”.

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