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If you are looking for a place to rent in your city, then you should check out NearAPoint. This simple map mashup pulls listings from Craigslist and Google Real Estate and gives you a list of options for finding an apartment according to your preferences. It provides basic information such as the location, number of rooms, distance or driving time from a certain reference point, image of the neighborhood, and crime reports in the area.

finding an apartment

To look for an apartment in a specific location, choose a city, your budget for the rent, and the desired number of bedrooms. You can also enter a reference point to find apartments nearest to you. Click on a balloon to see the street view, pictures of the apartment, and the crime report for the area (if available).

NearAPoint currently only lists apartments from 11 cities in the US. Still, NearAPoint is a great companion app if you are planning to get a new place.


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