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Has it ever happened that you had a place – such as a restaurant, a tourist attraction, an art gallery or any such place – in your must-visit list and you were near it but didn’t know and ended up finding out later? That’s why an app like Near2There can come in so handy. It can alert you when you are near your favorite place and you can then ensure that you don’t miss visiting it. There are apps for iPhone and Android, and a bookmarklet to save places to their web based dashboard.


You’ll obviously need to add the places as placemarks on the tool first so that it knows what’s on your list of must-visit places. It’ll pop up a notification on your phone alerting you that you are somewhere near that place, provided that it is able to exactly determine your location.


  • Get notified when you are near your favorite place.
  • Apps for both Android and iPhone available.
  • SImilar tools: Remember It App and Getupp.

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