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The @breakingnews Twitter account is one of the best ways to keep up with news online 4 Easy Ways To Keep Up With Breaking News Online 4 Easy Ways To Keep Up With Breaking News Online In today's world of fast-paced breaking news, it can often times be difficult to keep up with everything that's going on. If you want a targeted experience — one that includes smartphone alerts from your... Read More , and NBC is looking to make it better by launching a new website and mobile app. Breaking News 3.0 has a whole new look and plenty of new features, along with a complete redesign.

The focus of the new app is to let you control what ‘breaking news’ is for you. Users can set up push alerts for city, state, country, team, weather, or even just that one story they want to know more about. But if there is one topic that seems to keep coming up in the breaking news for the day and you aren’t interested in it, you can now also mute it so that it stops clogging up your feed. Additionally, you can save a topic to refer to it later, and Breaking News will also highlight it in your regular feed.

Finally, there is a bit of a social element in the new app, through the form of the ‘Whoa’ button. When any story surprised you or catches your fancy, hit the button to let the world know. “As you ‘Whoa’ updates in real-time, you help power a list of the most surprising stories, photos and videos at the bottom of the feed,” the company says.

Breaking News is still a human-powered operation with editors in London, New York and Seattle choosing the articles that appear in the feed. You can find out who is currently selecting them by checking out the “editors on duty” tab at the top.

There are no changes to @breakingnews on Twitter, which remains a great way to track news alerts with Twitter How to Track Breaking News Alerts Online With Twitter How to Track Breaking News Alerts Online With Twitter Read More .


The new features are now available on the Breaking News website as well as the iOS app on the App Store. The updates will be coming to Android soon.

Source: Breaking News

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