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If you are about to launch a product and want to ensure its online popularity, then you need a tool created specifically for this purpose. To create and manage an online brand “VisibleME” is the best website.

VisibleME is a wonderful online tool to create, customize, and manage a brand online. After creating an account on the site you can start linking other site accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, and Google to spread your VisibleME network. One of the advantages of connecting accounts is that you can simultaneously post updates to connected accounts through your VisibleME dashboard. Other features of the site include building your reputation through endorsements, promoting yourself on search engines, monitoring your reputation on Google, and connecting with people relevant to your field. Because of this VisibleME is a brand management application that can be used for products as well as for personal use. While many of these features are included in the free package, the site also offers a premium package that includes advanced features to promote oneself.


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