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Naymz is a web based service that lets users create profiles that appear on top of search engine results whenever somebody conducts a search using the name of a user. While some people may not like the fact that someone else may use internet to find out some information about them, it is quite comon practice and can not be avoided. People constantly use internet to obtain info about;

  • someone they lost touch with (ex; old highschool friend, ex date)
  • prospective date
  • about business person they are about to meet
  • etc…

According to MSN/Harris Interactive Poll, of all adults who use search engine 36% track down long-lost friends, 23% search for the name of a business associate or colleague prior to meeting them, 29% research family members and 20% look for old flames.

I guess some of us get searched much more then others, depending on profession, marital status, age and some other factors. However, it is always good to know when it happens and who is that person that searched you. Naymz lets users create a customized profile about themsleves and publish it. Afterwards, this link to this profile appears among top search engine results whenever there is a search with querry containing user’s name. See snapshots below for Aibek Esengulov(me) search on Google. It appears on top of the other results, hence making it easier to find right information about me.

By using this service you can make sure that whenever people are looking for you on Google and other major search engines they find your profile which was created by you. Otherwise, people may find information which is wrong, outdated, embarrasing, incomplete and not even you. Naymz will also notify you by email whenever your profile is visited.

Creating Naymz profile is fast and very easy process. There are two options profile options available; free and premium account ($4.95/month or $47.50/year). Free account option claims that user’s profile will be displayed on top spot of standard search results, but there is no guarantee. With premium account top visibility spot guaranteed(user’s profile will be displayed under sponsored links to the right of search results). In addition premium user gets following details about the visitor to the profile; visitor location, visitor name and how visitor found profile.

Possible Problems with service:
There is one problem with this service as there is no validation of identity during the registration process. Validation process for this type of service is extremely necessary. For instance, at the moment anyone can submit alternative email address and open on more Naymz account (in addition to the existing one) but with some other name like Joe Fisher or any thing else.