Navigate Google Maps On The Browser As The Invite-Only Restrictions Are Lifted [Updates]

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New Google MapHave you checked out the new Google Maps recently? Well, if you did so a few days back you probably would have needed to wait for an invite after signing up for the preview. If you try it today, you won’t need to wait because the new Google Maps is available to all. The refurbished Google Maps was showcased back in May at the I/O Conference. Subsequently, the new version of Google Maps came to Android with a slicker interface and new features. Now, it’s time to take a look on the Web.

You have to click on “Try Now” and catch the new look because going to the Google Maps website presents you with the old interface. You still have to sign in with your Google ID, but there’s no waiting period. On first sight, the new Google Maps presents you with a cleaner interface. More strikingly, it’s a more immersive view as the map occupies the full expanse of the browser.

It’s also immediately clear that the new map is far more responsive because it is vector based. Along with the subdued colors, you might also favor the user-friendly implementation of Photo Tours, photo carousel, Street View, and Google Earth View within the same interface.

Use the prominent search bar on top to narrow down to a location. Most of the important information is now available on the map itself. For instance, clicking on the place markers brings up Google Now styled cards. Reviews from Google+ and Zagat help with decisions. Searching for directions returns all vehicular (and pedestrian) options with distinct color codes. As the map application has been designed from the ground up, there are a lot of features left to be mentioned. Why don’t you give it a whirl yourself and tell us about your impressions?

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Endri B

Still there are some tools i can use from the old one…


Pooky J

aha, they will track me whatever I search for!


Bilal A

i dont like the new map


Kendall S

nice map, i really like the additions

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