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Are you about to name your child, pet, plant, or something else? If yes, then you probably want the name to be unique. But most names you have probably thought of have been used before. Naque is a web service that generates special name suggestions.

Naque is a free to use website that can be used to generate unique names in a number of ways. One of the tools available on the site lets you enter up to five different names; the tool then generates 2 and 3 syllable names from the entered names.

name suggestions

You can also view unique geographical names i.e. unique names that are related to places.

unique name generator

A set of available “word mixer seeds” lets you specify what the name is for. It then helps generate a unique name according to your selected option.


To save your time, you could simply access the site’s random words and see if you find a name you like.


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