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NamepediA is a community-powered web directory where you can lookup the meaning of your first and last names. Here you can search and find the meaning, history, frequency, origin, regional distribution and translation for almost any name. So if you ever wanted to find out what your name really means and the history behind it this is the site you need. You can even check how popular is your name among famous people.

NamepediA - what does my name mean

The website has a very large name database that was formed with the help of user submissions, interviews, national census data, birth statistics, phone books etc.

It further lets you become a member and contribute to the site by suggesting changes to name descriptions or rating suggestions of others. There is also a Firefox addon that lets you quickly check out names and get phonetic spellings for foreign ones.

name meanings


  • Get the meaning, history, frequency, origin, popularity and translation for any name.
  • Lookup celebrities or famous people with the same name.
  • Get ideas for baby names.
  • Phonetic spellings provided as well
  • Firefox addon and Google gadget available.
  • No signup or registration necessary (unless you want to contribute)

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