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With more and more users flocking to Twitter each month, it has become a prime medium of communication similar to emails and text messages. With this, comes an increased importance of backing up tweets so they don’t get lost in case of a server crash or accidental deletions. myTwebo is one of the best apps to carry this out.

tweets to pdf

myTwebo lets you backup tweets from multiple users into a single PDF. You can search for users and add as many as you like to your backup list. Once done, download the PDF to your computer. The list of tweets also include the date of the tweet and allows you to click on the shortened URL included in the tweet. In addition to providing a backup, the PDF also allow you to read interesting collection of tweets when offline or easily share a collection of tweets with friends.


  • Back up tweets from multiple users.
  • Download as a PDF.
  • Search for Twitter users to back up.
  • No registration required, sign in using your Twitter account.
  • Similar tools: TweetBackup and Tweetake.

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