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When you are about to enter a transportation terminal likes ones at an airport, your luggage is checked to verify that you are not carrying any forbidden materials. If you mistakenly packed such materials you could end up spending a lot of time at the checking terminals. To prevent wasting time at those terminals you should pay a visit to “My TSA.”

airport security waiting times

My TSA is a very useful and free web service that provides security-related travel information. For example, you could use the site to check  airport security waiting times or view which items are allowed or not allowed at airports. You can also see which things can be carried and which go in your checked baggage.

Other useful tools of the site explain which identification documents can be used and the policies regarding liquids. Also provided are tips for packing and dressing to speed through security terminals.

airport waiting times

The site has an iPhone app as well which Apple device owners can make use of.



  • A highly useful website for people about to travel.
  • Contains a lot of information on airport waiting times and what is allowed in your luggage at airports.
  • You can find out which identification documents can be used.
  • Policies regarding liquids are covered.
  • Tips for packing and dressing are provided on the site.
  • Similar tools: LuggageLimits, FlightCaster, AboutAirportParking and SleepingInAirports.

Check out “My TSA” @

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