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My Text Tools is a simple and an extremely useful site which offers a collection of some nice browser-based text manipulation tools which aren’t always easy to find. There are tools like Find/Remove Duplicate Lines, Number Each Text Line, Sort Text Lines, Spelling Checker, Binary Code Generator and many more which are helpful in quick editing of your text; as a writer I find this site really useful and have bookmarked it. It requires Javascript to function which every browser uses by default.

text manipulation tools

text manipulation


  • Collection of browser based text editing tools.
  • Huge number of nice tools available.
  • Use any of the tools without the need to sign up.
  • Javascript should be enabled in the browser.
  • Free and no sign up.

You can also check other similar apps that we have profiled earlier such as, Text Utilities, TextFixer, Alphabetizer, and Textris.

Check out MyTextTools @


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