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Simple text editor to write and store your text notes and documents online. MyTextFile is build on top of Google App engine and thus can be accessed using your existing Google account. Some of noteworthy features include ability to switch to full screen mode, change background and text colors, auto-saving, and document versioning. So if you’re looking for a simple minimalist text editor Free Minimalist Text Editors Free Minimalist Text Editors Read More with the capability to revert text documents to any earlier version give MyTextFile a try.

mytextfile - online text editor


  • Create and store your text notes and documents online.
  • Sign-up using your existing Google account.
  • The max. allowed size for individual file is 256 KB.
  • Customize text size, text color, background color etc.
  • Switch between full screen and standard modes.
  • Auto-saves opened documents every 5 minutes.
  • Keeps a log of document changes and lets you revert the file to any earlier version.

Check out MyTextFile @

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