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[NO LONGER WORKS] Mystickies is a handy application that allows you to stick notes on the webpages you visit. It’s in particularly usefull for someone who does lots of research and reading online. Notes can be put on any pages or articles and will be visible whenever you visit them again. It’s a cool way to mark important points which let’s you quickly remember important details when you come back. You can think of it as a personal bookmarks with explanatory labels scatered around the web. This application is totally free and curently works only with Firefox browser(firefox profile Firefox - The Recommended Web Browser Firefox - The Recommended Web Browser Read More ), however extensions for other browsers (Safari and IE) are in development.

How does it work?

Firstly, you need to sign up for an account with, where you need to provide name and email. Second step is to install mystickies’ extension for firefox. And once installation is complete new mystickies toolbar will appear on the browser’s panel using which you can start adding notes to any pages you visit.

Adding notes to pages is extremely easy;

  1. Right click > mystickies > new Sticky
  2. Toolbar > new Sticky
  3. ….and more

At any time you can access and manage all your notes in your account area at, you can also edited. There is also an option for tagging notes. If you aren’t familiar with the concept yet then think of tagging as an activity of summarizing something with single words. A user that has left more then 100 stickies(there is no limit on number of notes), needs an easy and quick way to find a particular note. Obviously, going through all notes one by one is not an option. However, once you tag your notes with hint words (ex;work, cool, homework….) you can instantly locate ones you need.



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