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Sports club owners and team captains know well about the problems associated with keeping players updated on the team’s latest fixtures. With the availability of text messages, emails, and phone calls the notifications procedure can easily become complicated. With MySportsPlanner you get a web interface that acts as a notification board for all team members.

how to organize your team

MySportsPlanner is a free to use website for managers and captains of almost every sports team. It lets you create a sports team account and then send email invitations to all members of the team. Through their invitations, players can visit the page and see the latest team news.

You can add various details to your team’s page: upcoming matches, the team roster, any upcoming events, etc. A chat interface is also available that facilitates instant messaging between online team members.


The idea behind MySportsPlanner is simple and effective; overall it is a brilliant online tool to keep your team updated and organized.



  • A user friendly website.
  • Lets you create a team page.
  • Lets you add numerous details to the team page, including a team logo / image.
  • Helps you keep the team’s player updated on the latest team events.
  • Provides a chat interface for interaction between online team players.

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