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A recent addition to the world of Chrome extensions, MySites customizes your browser window’s start page based on the sites most frequently browsed, most used web applications as well as your favorite bookmarks. On first appearances, this Chrome extension does appear to be an inspiration from the Windows 8 Metro, performing nearly the same functions. With MySites, users can gear themselves for a vibrant start page defined by large-sized squares in bright colors that help you reach your most visited webpages with just one click.

You can switch between the ‘Most Used’, ‘Favorites’ and ‘Apps’ sections by clicking on the arrows. Each of the sections features a search bar in the middle of the tiles that allows you to conduct web searches powered by the extension’s affiliated search engine MyStart.

Where the extension lets you down, however, is that it slows down the browsing and loading speed of your Chrome browser.

customize startpage chrome


Install MySites for Google Chrome.


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