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If you’re looking for a place to back up and store your precious photos, the new Toronto-based startup, MyShoebox may prove a viable solution. MyShoebox allows for free unlimited photo backup, from anywhere including Windows, Mac, iPhone and Android.

After the 30 day free trial, MyShoebox provides full resolution photo storage backup for a premium price of $5 per month, but the free plan allows you to store all your photos at a reduced web version resolution size. Both plans include private storage by default, secure portal encryption, and the ability to upload and download your photos via any cross-platform application.

After setting up an account, when you launch the mobile app version of MyShoebox, you can enable it to automatically sync and upload photos from your Camera Roll to your MyShoebox account. With the desktop MyShoebox applications, you select folders of photos on your computer that you want uploaded to your account.

MyShoebox uses EXIF data stored in each photo to sub categorize them into related Events, Timeline, and the Cameras they were shot with. You can download individual photos, but the company is working on a way for users to perform batch downloads. Photos can also be deleted from within the Mac or Windows apps, or signing into the MyShoebox website. MyShoebox supports JPEG and PNG images, but not RAW image formats.

The company says the mobile apps will allow you to disable uploading photos over your cellular data connection, and it says by default the Android app waits until your phone is charging to backup full resolution photos.



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