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Almost all smartphones come with some sort of calculator installed. These are great for performing basic math, but when you need to enter advanced formulas and calculations, things become a bit more complicated. Typing in fractions and exponents on a smartphone calculator is never fun. Now, Android users can download the free app called MyScript Calculator and perform these calculations by handwriting them.

handwriting recognition calculator

To use the app you simply enter in the calculations you need to do, and the app will automatically convert them to a language it can understand and perform the calculations for you. It can read all the standard mathematical symbols, so typing in your problem will not be an issue. Another benefit of this is that there is no funky syntax to memorize.

myscript calculator

The app works with your finger or a stylus. Obviously, using a stylus is going to be more accurate than your finger just because it has a finer tip, but it seems to work just fine with a finger as long as you take your time and write as neatly as possible.


  • Calculator that works with handwriting.
  • Able to solve simple and complex math problems.
  • Reads standard math symbols so there is no complicated syntax.
  • Works with finger or stylus.

Find MyScript Calculator on Google Play

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