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A new piece of password authentication technology, called Myris, was unveiled this week at the Consumer Electronics Show [CES]. Myris scans your irises to verify your personal identity and unlock the user name and passwords on your computer.

Myris was created by EyeLock, an advanced iris based identity technology solutions company. EyeLock claims that the human iris is widely considered the best part of the body for biometric recognition. This type of “iris print” recognition technology, EyeLock says, is already being used by corporations like Bank of America to secure critical identity and security applications.

Via a USB connection to your PC, Myris uses a video camera to capture a video of your iris, and then it verifies your identity to secure your digital data. Because your iris contains over 240 unique verification points, Myris guarantees that your identity cannot be falsified or mistaken. The iris data gets stored on the Myris device, which generates a unique 2048-bit digital signature, and is not copied to any server.

Myris EyeLock

Once your Myris identity has been created, you can add all your websites (e.g., banking, social network, email accounts) for login purposes. It’s similar to using 1Password, LastPass or Apple’s new iCloud keychain feature for storing all your usernames and passwords, except Myris is more secure. EyeLock reports that the chances of false match of someone’s iris is 1 in 2 trillion, whereas Apple’s Touch ID for its latest iPhone models is 1 in 50,000.

Myris will be available to consumers this year. You can sign up on the on the EyeLock website now to be kept informed about the market release of the product.


Source: Cult of Mac

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