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You love your pet and want to care for it well but it’s often hard to know exactly how to do things. MyPetCareTV is a nice collection of pet-related educational videos that can answer many of your questions and show you exactly how to do things. You can browse the video library or simply search it.

Most of the videos are also accompanied by text instructions in case you are more of a reader. Other features of the website like Question of the week, Pet news and vlogs bring you more pet related information. You can also register for a free account and connect with other pet owners and veterinarians asking specific questions about your pet. It is a great resource to get almost any pet related information without hassle.

pet care videos


  • Watch pet care videos online.
  • Read pet care news and blogs.
  • Connect with other pet owners and vets.
  • Read interesting pet statistics.
  • Similar sites: PetsMD, VetHelpDirect, CuteAsHell and ZooToo.

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