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free painting application I was in the market for a new simple painting application. Microsoft Paint was getting on my nerves and Photoshop was too large and bulky to open every time I needed to do some simple work.

Plus I wanted something simple I could open for my daughter to draw on and I wanted it to automatically open a new document the entire size of the window.

So I went looking for a new free painting application. I found something called myPaint.

The good part about myPaint is that it has an endless canvas that you can put into fullscreen mode. You can just draw on the entire screen and that was exactly what I needed. I downloaded the 9MB file and installed it.

free painting application

Now you can start painting or use the menu items to change your color or brush. You can use a eyedropper-like tool to sample colors and it even has layers like Photoshop. It has a lot of options and it is lightweight, but wait! There is more!


It can do pressure sensitive drawing on a tablet or touch enabled machine. This means that if you hold down your finger or stylus the ink will get darker, just like you were holding down a marker or pen.

Let’s take a look at the color picking tools. It has a color wheel which they call a color ring. You can select this by going to Color ““> Color Ring.

free painting application

You can choose colors off the wheel or you can choose Colors ““> Color Triangle.

paint application

From here you can really drill down the exact color that you would like to see.

Now that you have selected your color, let’s see what brushes are available to us. As you can see below there are a lot of different brushes like Sketch Pencils, ink, charcoal and more. For example the charcoal brush will look like a piece of charcoal and a sketch brush will look like you are using a pencil.

You can see some of the included brushes below:

paint application

I decided to play around with the ink brush and these were my results:

paint application

As I was drawing I noticed that if you right-click, you can cycle through your color history. So by accidentally right-clicking I changed my color mid-stroke. That is awesome. And a color history? Adobe should be taking notes from this little lightweight free painting application. Oh and did I mention that it was free yet?

Moving onto layers. For those of  you who do not know, layers is what Photoshop uses to differentiate between something being on top of or below another object. For instance I can have a text or image layer on top and then add a layer below it and paint.


The paint will stay behind the top text or image. To add a layer click on Layers – New (below current). This is what I did and then I painted a little:


So as you can see my yellow lines and sun stay behind my first layer. This is very cool stuff!

Is anyone out there using this as a full fledged graphics editing application? We would love to hear from you in the comments.

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