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With close to 700 million users, Facebook is dream land for scammers and hackers. With a new scam/phishing attack coming to light every day, MyPageKeeper is one of the few tools that can help you keep your Facebook account clean. Once you install the MyPageKeeper app, it automatically scans your Facebook wall, feeds and applications for unauthorized items and notifies you.

The app was created by a couple of PhD students and regularly posts statistics on their Facebook wall as to what new spam is making its way on to people’s profiles. The app learns as it grows so the more people who install this app, the more scams it will recognize and build the ability to fight against.

keep your facebook clean


  • Facebook app that helps you fight spam and malware.
  • Works for your wall, feeds as well as applications.
  • Completely automatic with no tinkering needed.
  • Similar tools: Reppler, Reclaimprivacy, Openbook, Zesty Facebook Privacy Checker, VerifiedPages and byTagg.

Download MyPageKeeper from Facebook

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