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If you forget important events (friend’s birthday, anniversary etc) more often than you would like, check out MyMemorizer. It is a simple web-based calendar with an option to setup SMS/Text Message reminders for important events. It is easy to use and lets you set up event reminders in a few clicks.


To try it out sign up for an account on their homepage. Simply enter your email address, password and click “Login” to create your account. Once you are signed in, choose a day from the calendar and click on the cell to add an event reminder. Add subject (mom’s birthday, 10-year anniversary etc), select a specific date or date range, choose when to get the reminder (1 day before, 1 week or 1 month before) and the frequency of the reminder (every year, every month etc). Once you filled out all the fields, click “Save event” to save the reminder for the event. Once the event comes up you will be notified by email according to your settings. You can add reminders for as many events as you want following these these steps.


There is an option to be notified by SMS messages on your mobile but it is not free. Their plans start from 8$ for 50 sms up to 500 SMS for $35$.


  • Add and Manage events in your calendar
  • Set (or/and Email reminders) for the important events
  • Set SMS/Text Message reminders (paid)
  • Share your events/calendars with other users
  • Search through events in your calendar/s
  • Import your calendar from iCalendar(.ics), Outlook(.csv), OR vCalendar(.vcs).
  • Export MyMemorizer calendar to Outlook
  • Free account is limited to only email reminders
  • Try MyMemorizer demo here (no sign-up required)

Go to MyMemorizer @

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