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All regular Facebook users have “liked” countless Facebook pages. Keeping a track of all these likes and selectively “unliking” the pages is not an easy task. But with a tool called MyLikesBox, the job is made much easier. It is a wonderful Facebook application that provides an easy way to view your facebook likes.

view your facebook likes

The display is much more navigable than Facebook’s default view that simply shows the Likes in your profile with their links. Here, each page’s thumbnail image is shown for easy recognition. You can filter your Likes by viewing pages according to their categories. This feature will surely help in case you have liked many Facebook Pages.

facebook pages you like

To remove a Page from the list by Unliking it, simply take the mouse pointer to the bottom-left of the thumbnail image. A cross will form; clicking the cross will remove the page from your Liked pages.



  • View and organize facebook pages you like.
  • Lets you manage your Liked Facebook pages.
  • Provides an easily navigable interface.
  • Lets you view your Facebook pages categorically.
  • Lets you easily Unlike Facebook pages.
  • Similar tools: Envolve, Facebook Like Count Calculator, FacebookDisconnect and Likify.

Check out MyLikesBox @

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